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16th/January/2017 Empty 16th/January/2017

Post by Stefano on Mon Jan 16, 2017 2:09 am

- Started creating Act XII;
- Minor bugfixes applied;
- Charm System is on it's release edition and is (hopefully) bugfree;
- Finished fixing all gramar errors, typos, etc from conversations. Let me know if I've missed anything;
- Persistent Housing System implemented into the game (100% working, I just need to build the houses and House Decor merchants);
- Abilities, skills and attack bonus caps has been increased to 40;
- Added Unique Items Store (they're available in your [Player] Unique Items Store inside your Tools bag);
- Added Set Items Store (they're available in your [Player] Set Items Store inside your Tools bag);
- Custom Houses for the Persistent Housing system have been made (will add more in the future, if needed). They're available in the Lobby;
- Added [Player] Appartment Lobby (which works like townportal scrolls but it's infinite and takes you to the Lobby of the Persisten Housing System);
- Added [Player] Auto-follow wand (Just use it's power and select the player you want to follow).

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