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13th/January/2017 Empty 13th/January/2017

Post by Stefano on Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:44 am

- Finished deleting all useless scripts (Around 200 scripts);
- Rebalanced Bosses from Act 5 to 11 as well as Uber and Rune bosses;
- Finetuned Players and NPC's spells;
- Fixed all "Missing Resources" problems (none of them are related to the 200 scripts I deleted);
- Fixed a bug that when the player either is entering the server or resting (or dies, is dying, respawns), it loses the Zen Archery effect;
- Unique Charm: Annihilus is in the game and only drops from Uber Diablo (Giving +12 to all abilities and 20% Damage Immunity to all;*
- Fixed a bug where Resting would make the server crash;
- Removed Ball Lightning, Magic Missile, Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm and Isaac's Greater Missile Storm from monsters (since it's too OP with them);
- Devastating Critical is now useless, it'll still show up in your Level Up Wizard but it won't work if you pick it.

*: I've just made the Charm System so it may be bugged, please be patient and let me know if you run into any problems with it.

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