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11th/January/2017 Empty 11th/January/2017

Post by Stefano on Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:00 am

- Urdunnir (Subrace) now gives +4 to Wisdom as well;
- Working on Summons/Familiars so they won't be useless in the game;
- All summons, conjurations, shades, etc (Besides Summon Creature I, II and III) are now viable to the game;
- Added [Player] Blankscrolls;*
- From now on all freshly created characters will have their Player Items ([Player] Keys, Emote Wand, Re-Equip Items, Waypoints, Paragon Level Checker, Sequencer, Breakpoint Tool, CD-Key Manager, Blankscrolls and [Guild] Journal) placed inside [Player] Tools for better space management;
- You may delete your character by talking with "Jariance Derthel" in "Rogue Inn" (Act I);
- Fixed a script that was giving 2d12 (all damages) to all monsters when spawning;
- Reduced amount of Gold Acquired by creatures;
- Maximum sell price reduced from 50000GP to 5000GP;
- Fixed player not getting Lich Skin/Hide at level 40 (Thanks to shahaszbazz for noticing it);
- You're now abled to talk to Deckard Cain (Act I) after saving him (Completing Wirt's Leg Quest).

PS: Zen Archery isn't working on All Weapons anymore, will make it work on all weapons when I fix all the problems it's causing.

*: The Blank Scroll Creator gives you 1 Blank Scroll for 50GP.

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