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Item Mixup Empty Item Mixup

Post by L0BSTER on Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:13 am

I was told by my friend that his account chest has been altered with items from Act [IV] & Act [V] & he has also got some items missing... I would like to know if you can see in your account, items that should not be there or you do not recognize. I would like either a PM on this forums or come into the game and tell me about items that you might be unsure about.

I was also told that it happened once my friend was locked out for a bit and once he got the chance to log back in, he told me that some items he did not have before in the chest.

it was weird that his main persistent chest was altered becuase it linked to his CD-Key.

Anway could someone let me know if you have came accross that problem and I will try and solve it for you. as best I can.

hear from you soon

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Slayer of Andariel

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Item Mixup Empty Re: Item Mixup

Post by Stefano on Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:22 pm

Yes, I've heard about this problem also.


Changed how the Persistent Chest works, everything should be fine now. Items stored in the chest (and gold in bank) have been deleted as side effect

Long text:
Looks like the NWN GoG Version doesn't use unique CD-Keys, the persistent chest uses the player's CD-Key to differentiate from one player to another. Since I've implemented a CD-Key system wich locks Account Names to CD-Keys, I'll make the persistent chest use the player's Account Name instead for storing items, even though there will be players with same CD-Key, they won't be able to play at the same time (unless either of them chandes the CD-Key) and since the storage system will use players Account Names, there will be no item mixing due to same CD-Key .

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