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28th/December/2016 Empty 28th/December/2016

Post by Stefano on Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:40 am

- Offensive spells (Offensive Damage, Negative Property, etc) has been increased by 200%;
- All spells levels (spell level) cap has been increased to 40;
- Defensive spells (AC Bonus, Saving Throws, Abilities, etc) has been increased by 200%;
- Buffing spells (AB, Damage Bonus, Enhancement Bonus) has been increased by 200%;
- You may now relevel your Red Dragon Disciple characters without any problems;
- Server moved to SSD storage driver;
- All spells that applies Fear had their duration reduced to 1 round;
- IMPORTANT: CD-Key System 3.0 Implemented.

Click below for details
CD-Key System 3.0:
The old CD-Key system was storing only the player's CD-Key, but since there are people playing NWN GoG Version, there might be some CD-Key conflicts (people having the same CD-Key), and since the server didn't allow two equal CD-Keys at the same time, the last person that logs into the server will be booted. And the new system works in a way that makes every player have a unique CD-Key (not going into details for security reasons). So players with the same CD-Key will still be able to play at the same time.

To-do: Increase overall Shapeshifting/Summons starts.

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