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Post by Stefano on Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:07 pm

1. Respect others in the game and that means everyone from the DMs to the people you really can't stand.

2. Try not to shout unless you have something important to say.(Examples are 1. Your looking to sell something, 2. You are new and need a little assistance, 3. You wish to form a Party, 4. Or if you need DM assistance and no one is Answering the DM Channel.) Now All Shouts are to be one shout only and those who wish to reply must do so in a TELL and never in a shout.

3. This server is for role players as well as hack 'n' slash so try to stay in character. And if you simply cannot get along with each other then just stay away from each other. I don't wan't a bunch of crap about such and such won't RP cause no one is forced to Role Play here. However if your not into Role Play then please respect the ones who are and Do Not Ruin their time by making things Difficult for them.

4. You will not be booted out or banned from the game just for voicing your opinion about the mod, however you can be booted or banned if you slam people or anything that may be offensive to the masses and inappropriate. so use some better judgment.

5. Player vs. Player - Simple rules if you wish to player vs. player you need to keep it in character and both parties must be agreed to the fight. if you Pk on a regular basis and its out of role play and you are doing it against the wishes of the other player then you will be warned and the next offense will get you banned permanently and your player characters will be deleted. so keep it straight or else.

6. Threats against the Server or anyone Playing in it. I have heard people get mad at DMs and start spouting that they will crash the server and that will get you a one way ticket to Bannedville. Also making threats againt other players will not be tolerated (now I am speaking of real life threats not saying your going to hunt their character down and kill them cause they accidently hit you with a spell) But this will also get you a one way ticket to Bannedville.

7. Using Profanity - Ok here is the base of it all. Don't shout out cuss words, Dont speak them in public if your going to offend someone. Just try to have some taste and tact and don't offend anyone. If you do I will warn you once and then it will be boot city. I am an adult and I put a warning in the mod description that this is an adult server and many ideas and concepts that adults talk about are present and if a child cannot handle it then they should not come in. However try to have some sense about it and keep it all in Role Playing format, and respect others.

8. Steeling/Pickpocket from other players is not alloud.

9. Spel casting in town against other players and NPC's is not alloud. So don't do it, it gets you banned (Buffs are alloud)

10. Using known and unknown bugs in the game is not alloud, please report bugs to the DM and don't use them for your one profet, you will get banned.

11. Duping items is not alloud (item copy bug), it will get you banned or your account gets delete.

12. Steeling drops from players who just killed a boss is not alloud, the person who killed the boss his name is been shout by the boss that person has the right of looking first at the drop and take whatever he wants, when he is done with the drop other players may have a look add it. Note ! if a player spawn in a monster and is not part of a party and a other player killed the monster the player who spawn the monster has the right of looking at the drop first, this is because players sometimes do nothing and only get the last stroke to get the right of the drop.

13. The server is english based so please talk english, it is alloud to talk your one language in a party chat channel

14. Dungeon Master's are not responsable for losing items after a reset or crash of the server, this sort of bad luck just happens to everybody now and then. So don't get hostile to DM's when you lose some items there is nothing that can be done about it, and there are enough drops in the game to get your items back.

15. When you get yourself killed in-game please accept this, get someone to res you, but dont use the logout/login bug from neverwinter to avoid the consiquensies from the death script.

16. To help yourself and other players there are some thinks you can do to reduce server lag as much as possible. (Examples are 1. Don't drop items on the floor in rogue encampment or other city's, please put them into the trashcan. 2. Try to kill the monsters that you spawn, don't run arround in the world spawning monsters without killing them. 3. Try to direct connect to the server. 4. Try to avoid login/logout to many times in a short period of time) we are not running a hard policy about this rule but it might get you into jail when you disregard the rule.

17. Jumping others to waypoints to rush the game is not alloud. Jumping lower level toons by those more accomplished players from waypoint to waypoint to rush the game to Act X is not alloud. When someone can't find a waypoint and they ask for help and someone is given them the change to jump that is not a problem, but don't rush someone from Act I to X.

18. It is not forbidden to play with your high-end gear in lower Acts. Remember that it is nice to have [Epic], [Victory], [Uber] and [Hell] tagged items but for the best game experience try to play with the items that are tagged for that Act, it will give you the most balance and fun to play.

19. Give new players a change to play the game in his full experience. So please don't give high-rank gear to new players, we can not always avoid that from happening but we don't encourage it. Items can be removed by a Dungeon Master when noticed.

20. Try and have fun that's what were all here for.

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