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[README] Contributors application Empty [README] Contributors application

Post by Stefano on Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:26 am

If you want to help making World of Sanctuary 2.0 just post a reply here with the following info:

Name: The name you want to be known
Role: Scripter, Designer, Builder, Conversation, tester, translator, etc. (if translator, specify the language in between "()" eg. Translator (Portuguese)
Knowledge: Specify your knowledge on the role you want to apply to. If possible, link your creations here
Availability: How much time you can spend per day helping or how often can I ask for your help


Name: Stefano
Role: Scripter
Knowledge: I've been scripting for 4 years, I've made some scripts and systems to World of Sanctuary Diablo Lord of Destruction module. Link here
Availability: 2 hours per day. I'll talk to you when I'm available.

Note: Since I'm very sketchy about everything, I'll tell you detailed info about everything I want done in specific category you're helping with.

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