Act V: Can't complete Trial of the Ancients

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Act V: Can't complete Trial of the Ancients Empty Act V: Can't complete Trial of the Ancients

Post by Thorgar on Fri Feb 03, 2017 9:27 pm

Likely due to fighting them before getting the journal entry from Qual-Kehk (there hadn't been any reason to talk to him *shrug*) so the game thinks I've already completed the quest even though I never received the Worldstone Key.

After initially defeating them nothing happened. I went back to town to poke around, and Qual-Kehk gave me the actual quest to defeat them. Fought them again, still nothing happened. Waited for a server reset to snag the quest and fight them again, but again, nada.

Last time this happened (Deckard Cain / Monastery key, presumably due to starting one session, and finishing up the next day) I ended up just creating a new character and being more careful.

Perhaps instead, there could be a 'clear all quest progress (and waypoints) for this Act' option? Alternately, tweak things so that the quest can't be flagged as 'complete' without also also received the key, or give the Questmaster NPC an option to check for missing keys for quest you have flagged completed.

edit: As another post mentioned, waypoints 34 (glacial trail) should come after waypoint 35 (halls of pain).


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